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John the Revelator - Gaither Vocal Band lyrics

upon the isle of Patmus
A man was cast one day
While he was left alone to die
He Began pray
The holy ghost cam on him
the spirit it came dow
as he began to write about the things he saw
the revelators name was john

(yes it was john)
John the revelator
saw jerusalem cumin down
(talkin bout john)
john the revelator
and when he looked around
he saw fead like brass
eyes like fire
heard a great voice sayin cum up higher
(JOHN)John the revelator
wrote about the city of God

while in the spirit praying
John turned around to see
if the voice that he had heard
was what it seemed to be
just like many waters
the great trumpant sounds
He said i am the First and last
and the revelator wrote it down

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