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Holla - 504 Boyz lyrics

Artist(Band):504 Boyz
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[Chorus]: Master P {Choppa}
Them boys on that block holla (ooh ooh)
Them girls that got it hot holla (ooh ooh)
If ya runnin' from them cops holla (ooh ooh)
{Holla...} (ooh ooh) {Holla} (ooh ooh)

[Verse 1]: Master P
Call me trashman cuz I put it up and back
Whodi owe me money I'ma bust his fuckin' ass
I'm allergic to Dr. Pepper, so pass me Dr. Cristale
Hit me on the two-way, whodi, I get wit'cha
Put it on the stove, bake it like a pie
Take it to the hood, slang it 16-5
When niggas snort it boy, they be passin' it to they girls
Wrap it up in Ziploc, back it up and twirl
Send money to the pent. Mac and C be home soon
Bitches start snitchin' I'ma send 'em to the moon
I could sell a hoe a green, front a hustler a lake
I could never fall off, I'm the "Ghetto Bill" Gates


[Verse 2]: Curren$y
These lil' niggas can't take it anymore
I push through the club iced out, low key with my P. Miller galore
Hoes breakin' down the doors, uhh
Because the 504 Boyz here they can't wait 'til we get on
It's Curren$y the motherfuckin' rookie of the year
This ain't the WNBA, ain't no pussies over here
Yeah, I'm makin' figures fuckin' with the Ghetto Bill
And a truck with some rims that's bigger than Ferris wheels, holla


[Verse 3]: Krazy
See this No Limit army nigga, that's my Kliq
The hoe that you tongue kissin' used to be my bitch
For these sayin' they'll slay a nigga, they called pricks
And this brown shit I'm sniffin' nigga, it got me sick
And this big truck I'm pushin', nigga, my tight whip
With a chop of lead on the
Ballers album
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