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Ohkeedoke - Boot Camp Clik lyrics

Let's time to do your hair baby
Ayo! There the go kid!
Right there! Right there!...Oh Oh Oh Oh...
I'm movin' smooth like a wet foot glidin' across ice
because these fools who be sliding on tracks braggin' they nice
headz screamin' they need it but do you really want hardcore?
Stakes is High like De La plus i'm fiending to start more
Trouble on the double, yet cooler than any hooligan
frontin' on the mic nigga, who you think you foolin' with?
y'all be on the mic kickin' nothing but that nonsense
nigga please, ease back my crew been the bomb since
Tell me to maintain and keep doin' my thang
keep my dick in my pants, and just stack the green
shorties can't be coniving, had to flip about warning
now you in a cell tryin' to post bail by mornin'
[Starang]:Now in the back of my mind, yo I really do hope
[Tek]:that motherfuckers out here don't take my crew for no joke
[MS]:'cause if our backs against the wall, then we goin' for broke
[All]:but we'll never fall victim to the OHKEEDOKE!
[Starang]:It goes on and on and on and on
[All]:you keep on, and you don't stop
[Starang]Yo, it goes on and on and on and on
[All]: You keep on and you don't stop
steepin' to ya, Dru Ha, you hit the jackpot
Starang bust thangs since Tek found the A-Black spot
me and Mr. Smokee, playin' the lo-key
puffin; on L's, I never fell for the ohkee...
...Doke! when your plan goes up in smoke
like a Bob Marley spliff being smoked to a roach
but on the contrair, if I smoked an ounce a day
it'll only make a mess when I bounce this way
The jail scene ain't workin' no more, got me punchin' a wall
fam put a block on the phone, won't accept collect calls
and to top it all off, heard my co-defendant turned canary
stutter steeping through the house lookin' all scary
I'm just waiting to face him in the mess hall
thinkin' 'bout the Tyson loss, gettin' my reps off
and the niggas in the world that I used to roll with
dont even write scripts, that's the ohkeedoke shit
Niggas say Starang's smooth, just like ice without cube
I'm nice without dudes, on my motherfuckin' track
niggas call me Starang, others call me Jack
but if you call and I'm not home, you can call me back
but no matter where i'm at, I always rock the show
the niggas next up on the mic, y'all niggas gots to go
Phantom of the Opera, yo I blow scenes North, South, East
West, fuck your chest dukes, get it out your mouthpiece
(I was) laid back sippin' Beck's, gently cleaning off a black Tek
JP's cuban link got my neck laced (shine baby)
steal the show like a thief, blow without a trace
see so many wannabe's steadily tryin' to be me
act grimy, crimies constantly scheme how to fi me
out to get the bonus, becoming assed out like the homeless
no disresepct intended, but it's a fucked up world we live in
My lust for hip hop got me strivin' for perfection
and when my inner glow shine, you vision my reflection
and now chumps had to get a closer glimpse at it
as sweat trickle down your face, you break into a panic
(phonecall 1-900-GET-DA-BOOT)
like when your shorties put on helmets and shouder pads, that's the
when shorties come to see a nigga with...while you bleedin' is the
Magnum Force...
world wide...
Strictly BCC...Strictly BCC...
It goes on and on and on and on
you keep on and you don't stop
Word up y'all everything is nature, word up y'all, I don't hate cha
we keep it movin'...we keep it movin'...
yo, gettin pulled over when you just got your wallet at your crib
with your license...that's the ohkeedoke
For the People album
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