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Neglected - Focal Point lyrics

a spark ignites, and grows into a flame..
an eruption of anger, an outburst of pain
I drag myself from the engulfed wreckage that lays behind
never to return
never to compromise
the truth that lies within me will save me from these lies
this predominance is the eminence over my life, to put to rest this anguish
decipher this strife
the intuitive mind of the arrow never broken apart
unwanted act, time to react?
The intuitive mind of the arrow
this desperation is a reality to those who are lost inside
this false hope given from the world results in an unfaithful guide
the chance to survive will end
SONG: Upright
erase the feeling
break apart from fear
stand up to your controller
you can't regulate me
I won't take this frustration
I've got my self liberation
break down the walls that block your line of sight, so you can do what's
you'll fall, but I'll remain upright
you are wrong and I am right
you continue to hate and you make another kill
the innocent blood that will spill
a life of pain filled with emotional strain
you'll fall, but I'll remain upright
you are wrong and I am right
you've tried to prove me wrong before- and I've done my best to ignore your
but this time you've gone too far
you've stepped into my life
and now you can't stop me from being real
this is reality
and you are wrong
you can kick me to the ground or get your friend to gather around
I will stand up to your fist, an innocent glance you twist
I am right
you are wrong
you'll fall, but I'll remain upright
you are wrong and I am right
Suffering of the Masses album
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