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Follow My Life - Obie Trice lyrics

(feat. Nate Dogg)

[Intro - Obie talking]
Yeah! [echo], uh
Let ya'll niggaz know me
Yeah, WOO!

[Verse 1]
Eleven, fourteen, seventy-seven a nigga entered
Big lips, popped out placenta
Momma ain't breastfeed, had no pop neither
Pop leaves shit but a name - Obie
Elementary homie that's how it started
In garbage, retarded, gainin that heart
Fuck niggaz, claimin they hard, a nigga come home touched
My motherfuckin momma bangin me harder
"Nigga take your ass out their and fight for tomorrow"
That's what she told me, "little punk, blame that on your father"
So I had no choice, nigga pick up a brick
Split a motherfucker's shit for tryin to fuck with the kid
Get a little older, hair on my dick, now I'm curious
Niggaz on the corner gettin money rockin jewelry
Allowance, nigga that ain't man shit
Cowards, nigga that ain't man shit
I had to prove to myself
How these niggaz same age as me calculatin this wealth
So I got me a clique and niggaz what?
Workin one sixteenth, like "nigga we can clean up"

[Chorus - 2X]
Follow my life, homie from start 'til now
Only my motherfuckin momma nigga holds me down
And Lord knows all this shit that I done put her through
I speak through her straight to you, motherfuckers

[Skit - Obie talking]
Two for one, here, here take this, two for one
Quit switching dicks, holla at me, see you fuck with

[Verse 2]
Summer '94, I'm gettin a little dough
Taller than my momma, so I'm listenin to her nose
I'm listenin to them hoes scream "O!"
And I'm listenin to them O's go CHOP!
P-Funk, Joe and me pumpin on the block, summertime
I call her auntie, she cop three at a time
Throw a extra bump
Cheers album
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