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Noble Savage - Virgin Steele lyrics

Animal, grace in form and power
Dignity, a conscious thought
The judgement hour

To live in honor
Quoting freedom's name
A noble stance
Bearing a proudful mane
Noble savage!

Hope is born, a changeling dawn
Bringing strange power
Transform, change form
Blend mind and matter

A voice of reason crying in the dark
A raging fire from a spark
Breathe through me

I'm a savage, I'm a king
I fought deceivers
I conquered evil

Animal, grace in form and power
Dignity,a conscious thought
The judgement hour

A voice of reason crying in the dark
A divine vision from the heart
Breathe through me


Innocent eyes, shine down on me
Don't, don't, don't blind your eyes to me
I'm here with you
Always, again today
Can you feel me?
I'm with you
Never, never surrender
Oh, the power, the glory is yours
My kingdom, on high, again
Can you see?
I'm with you now
Noble Savage album
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