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When You Scream - Illdisposed lyrics

War, suffer, and later we will unite

Pearls, wanted, my back turned here is the fight

Hate, wine, yeah - yeah

Baby, here comes the pain

You scream at my wrongs

But yelling won't make it right

In time all you invoked

Was a game I played so right

Mind, hunger, now locked up every night

Try, feel - see things through my eyes

You - you made this hell, you really did

This is why I fell - when you

Screamed at my wrongs

Your yelling didn't succeed

In time all you gave

Was a game that tied my feet

They've stopped running now

And so have I

Count, shame - soon you'll feel me again

Endless, relentless - the word is revenge

Hurt, drugs, yeah - yeah

Honey - I owe you this much
1-800 Vindication album
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