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Blackbirds Rise - Victoria Williams lyrics

Words by Victoria Williams

A graveyard musty and cold
Smells of springtime
Smells of mold
Pick up a truckload full of bones
There to play a few songs to one who's gone
There there child
Don't you cry
Ain't it good to see a field of blackbirds rise
Some flew east some flew west
Flying away
After everything we've read and seen
Some may leave but I'll stay
Calling she's calling
From another day
Calling she's calling
Can't you come over here little girl
Turn over my grave
Shoo fly don't bother me
As the sun goes down
Across the land
Mother earth meets father time
And takes his hand
One is all and all is one again
Can we be good friends
Can we be good
Can we be
Can we
If you have friends in glory land
Who left because of pain
Thank God up there they'll die no more
They'll suffer not again
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