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This, The Midnight Fight - Life in Your Way lyrics

If skie were to fall, all were crashing down
I'd hold onto you
These thoughts can crush a man
Bringing in times when time stands still
To certain actions that push us back
We are so many
Persistence for the nothing
Changing before each season, for any reason
And our desire to fight for something that's fleeting
Can there be belief in a future even when it seems meaningless?
There is a chance tonight, with or without me
I want my voice to echo
I hope to have the kind of legacy that might outlast times of uncertainty
If skies were to fall, all were crashing down
I'd hold onto you
When my knees ache in my heartbreak
I'd hold onto you
When I lay my head down, down but not out
Who would know what might run through?
This, this is my midnight fight
Ignite and Rebuild album
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