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Shoes - Victoria Williams lyrics

Words by Victoria Williams

I walked plenty of miles
Down long and bumpy roads
And I've had lots of holes on the soles
Of my shoes
I'm on my second sole
It's looking mighty worn
I've danced in it ran in it
Put plenty of miles
Put out fires with it
Oh shoes
Without you I can't (can?) wallow in the mud
With you I run I trample down the brush
And I can choose
Oh shoes
When things get hot I want to shake you off
When things get hot I want to shake you off
There's lots of shoes around that ain't out walking on the street
Yeah lots of shoes get made that don't get put on no one's feet
If I have to go somewhere
I don't take an extra pair
Of shoes
Cause if I need another pair
I can get them anywhere
Yes shoes
Oh shoes
Oh yeah shoes
Happy Come Home album
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