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Signed, No Regret - One Six Conspiracy lyrics

she holds her hand out the window she lets the sun shine through she sings along to the radio like it really matters i finally thought to think that we are all bleeding these days are short just like my breath to think that i might leave this world with regret is something that I just can't take restless tonight waiting for tomorrow useless words fill time but not enough tonight i run from my own vices
Words Fill Time album
         Song Rating
01   Just Drive[add]   -
02   Ephemeral[add]   -
03   Signed, No Regret   -
04   Close Your Eyes[add]   -
05   Generic[add]   -
06   Heartbeat Means Heartbreak[add]   -
07   Anger Isn't Always[add]   -
08   Little Boy[add]   -
09   Endless Wishing (The Heise)[add]   -
10   Waiting[add]   -
11   Common[add]   -

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