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The Signs - I Against I lyrics

looking in the mirror. can't you see what everybody sees? thought you'd see things clearer, but you brought yourself down to your knees. and i'm looking through you. through you. do you? don't you recognize all the signs? you wanted to get somewhere. so you used your friends to hitch a ride. Now you've reached that somewhere, but you feel so alone 'there' every night. don't you wanna get back to? back to? do you? don't you remember the way home? it a true again? can you still refrain? is the pleasure worth all this pain? ...the mirror looks back at you and it sees what everybody sees. it know it's gonna get you, but you're too blind to let yourself be free. even the mirror looks through you. through you. do you? don't you recognize all the signs? you're staring at some strangers face. it's to late! can't you find your way out of this maze. it's to late! no one's as blind as he who will not see. guess that it's over, can't you see you and me. guess that it's over for me. can't you see where you're going? can't you see what you're doing?
Headcleaner album
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