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Another Shot - Zulu lyrics

2 inna de morning deh a VIP them have a line still a stand inna street
Zulu man a come with no damn ID, and get the gal them weak inna knees

I take it the woman you come here so with,
is out of your league and she seems to know it
The look upon you face betrays your cowardice
Now she a my mistress

4 inna the morning there a restaurant, all a the woman them a stand inna front
Zulu man a come with the entourage, them give we people then whatever we want
The woman who left you is now there upon me side,
A next one a come and she well want the ride
Them know seh we give them the lovin supply
Them get well satisfied

We get de gal dem wet
Minute man no get another shot inna de bed, gal fi run red
When it come to de sex
Cock up fi you bumpa, gal a murder you fi get, that you expect
You see de gal dem wind
Woman say she fit and she a look a good time, seek you shall find
We blow de gal dem mind
Gal dem just a come inna de place a good sign, well dressed, divine

6 inna the morning two gal inna bed, inna the hotel room
It's way too soon to tell which one of them seh me like de most
Bad man Zulu choose them both

I'm in a position to make them demands, me well qualified fi the matters at hand
sins of the flesh are me wickedest vice, jook them but treat them nice, why?

Some bwoy a gwan like them hate woman, me just a wonder whe them youth deh upon
Them come inna de place with a couple a grand, and pay the gal fi the one night stand
What them a do inna de club, a confuse for love, and certain gal them a play the field
But when the Zulu man a come, well you heard the song,
The gal a flex with de sex appeal


Bad Man Zulu, X rated style, talk to them gentle, jook them wild
Gal just a call, me no brag and boast North to the South Coast to Coast
The two of them riding, me don’t care a damn
As long as they come well, them good with the plan
Hotel is paid for the week we a stand
And me a true bad man.
Riddim Killah album
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