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Cure Eclipse - 36 Crazyfists lyrics

The night breathes different,
And the cold was named anew.
She sits in the wordless space.
The grin gave us away,
And that was the end,
That was everything dying,
And that was the end,
That was everything.

Cut into the face and think straight.
I was doing everything,
To keep me from choking.
With the weather heavy,
Heavy at the fireside,
You'll say it so well, so well.

Dreary can come out and move yourself away.
I know you owe me, I know you owe me,
This year, this year cure me.

And I was barely here
But I'd been there for years.
Thought I'd leave it there
So it couldn't follow me here.
And I've been thinking of you
As the days grew color.
With the seconds turning hours,
My end turned alive.

The night breathes different,
And the cold was named anew.
I found so much more this way.
A Snow Capped Romance album
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