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Not What I Expected - Unsung Zeros lyrics

i got a vision in my head of how it should be
and i wonder if that's how it will work out
when she sits down will i be smart
with a grin on my face
or will i just want her to get out of my head and my mind
that's how it goes that's how it goes
some times i think it will be so right
and if she shows and it's all wrong
i feel her hand touch on my arm
and my skin goes cold how can this be
why's it so fake?
and why's it so's fault
how should i tell her she should go
cause it's all my fault
i let my heart get ahead of my mind
and everything else
that's how it goes that's how it goes
sometimes i think it will so right
and if she chose and it's all wrong
People Mover album
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