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Falling Star - Showoff lyrics

I'll tell you what's bothering me,

It's something you said, it's just another stupid answer

running inside my head.

Tell you what you should do,

It's just something I'll say, it's just another stupid reason

for me to run away.


And baby, I get so lonely, I feel so lonely

That I needed you by my side, but you'll never be back and

Baby, well it seems I couldn't hold on.

Well, no matter how much I tried, she's a falling star that

lost her love.

I'll tell you what's bothering me,

It's just something I've seen, things used to be so simple.

Tell me, do you know what I mean?



Well all that we talk about now is

Memories that fade with a kiss.

Our love is a star up above (Stars shining they shine from above)

and a Falling Star is a star that lost it's love
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