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Valhalla Avenue - Fatima Mansions lyrics

You awake, lying still / while light makes landfall
in the steel suburban room
The windows show, row on row, all the same:
More people are summoned round to chase to blue

Your lips still work, you know your name
but know not why nor whence you came
You have no past, you have no guilt
You've arrived, you've arrived
Dreams, nightmares are through
You've arrived, you've arrived on Valhalla Avenue

You were a drunk, you kept a filthy home
and you hated hard with confusion in your heart
The barren weeks, the amnesiac years
You'd put the world off till tomorrow and let despair tear you apart

Well, now they're breaking down the door / You hide away, safe no more
Scream as they drag you from your bed / When you recount from a bleeding head
You've arrived, you've arrived
but redemption was not for you
You've arrived--goodbye to Valhalla Avenue

So long! Cheerio! Bye bye!
I'll see you later on! Next time, I hope it's fun
Valhalla Avenue album
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