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Something Bad - Fatima Mansions lyrics

I was raised to expect continuity. Instead I get this..

The monster has red hair / The monster has green eyes
She laughs and bites her quarry's nose as she pulls herself astride
Her double-jointed hips now do their tricks
and you can hear his plaintive yells
from the plane-crash craters in the Scottish hill
to the burning oil wells

C Something bad is giving birth to a thing which won't melt to your touch
Something bad is giving birth to something worse and it's going to hurt

His Reebok shoes let in the rain and he coughs into the dawn
at he searches for space on the synagogue wall to draw swastikas on
Job descriptions change on the firing range / All generals are friends
So it's down to the dole with the molotovs / It's problem time again--C

You built the metal birds who shrink the skies
and bring your waitress from the other side of a world
All these birds bringing death
You find all of our good, there's only death left

Big black hawk swinging low over the rat-run streets of the English ghetto
Clean spirit of the island, home at last / Come on, come on, come on -- crash!

One man felt ashamed running guns and cocaine
for his short-term gain, so every one of us must pay
In his New World Order, you can have some nerve gas with your air
Thanks to the CIA pussy in the President's chair!

Something bad is giving birth / See, in the sky its belly bursts!
Something bad is giving birth / and calls for wounds to slake its thirst
Something bad is giving birth / No more decay, no more dirt
Something bad is giving birth / In therefore's name it stalks the earth

Do you feel you can deal? Can you fuck
Lost in the Former West album
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