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Do Your Thing - 7 Mile lyrics

Lately you been acting like
There is something else on your mind
And everything I say or do
Doesn't mean a thing to you, oh no
Girl I heard you on the phone
You were talking to your girlfriend, damn
Told her you were having fun
You're messing with another man, oh
1 - Girl I know everything
And even though it hurts me
I gotta let you do your thing
Baby the thought of you
Being caught up in another romance
Is making me crazy but
I gotta let you do your thing
Listen babe
Now everybody's talking bout
How you're leaving me for someone else
I'm just trying to figure out
The mistake I made for myself
Girl I guess the way that I
Show my love for you is not so cool, baby
And now you found someone else
And I feel like a fool
What can I do
Repeat 1
Girl I know that you
Oh, you don't really thing
Really think I'll let you leave me this way
Oh, no
All I want is you
Oh, you give me one more chance
On more chance girl
I can't stand to see you with someone else
Repeat 1 until fade

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