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Stardust and Snow - Once Blue lyrics

Thanks anyway, but a friend like you
I could do without
The sky's a hazy grey
I never seen it quite this way
Watch the sun now, like me it's sinking
{Feel the rain and the wind, seeping in
Got you under my skin, how did you get in
Set my soul free
Somebody save me}
I'll run away, almost everyday
But my feet won't carry me
Tears are burning in my eyes
Day's gone and wiped away my smile
The truth's unkind, but come to find, so am I

It's not like me to ever doubt that
A troubled mind can't sort itself out
It's got me thikning if it's you or it's me
Whose world is sinking
Somebody save me
Thanks anyway, but baby I don't like your kind
Seems the more I run from you
The more I fall behind
The way your lips move
Words flowing cool and smooth
Whichever way the wind may blow
You're sure to go, while I'm sinking
{chorus} . . .
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