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No Good - Kate Voegele lyrics

I never feared the unexpected
Till I found myself in this peculiar place
Unaware of where I was headed
Turns out it was your footsteps I had chased

Well I should know so much better than this
But you've occupied the center of my universe

I'm moving in reverse
Under your mighty curse
I hate myself for loving you
I turn my head away
But my heart will remain
Till the day I learn you're no good for me

It's illogical and it's outrageous
The way I let you keep me hanging on
Your character is that contagious
I know I should have thought before I had done
I've gone and let my impulse be my guide
And on that note, I'll be defenseless for some time


Hey you there, keep your distance
Don't you come around here
Don't test my patience baby
Cause I ain't gonna let you off easy.

Don't Look Away album
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