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I'm Tired - Ying Yang Twins lyrics

Walkin' round' town like I'm lost, sittin' in da house like a log
Nigga had to find somethin' out, playa wanna shine das all
Don't help to twine wit' mine so small
Nigga nigga nigga nigga please, hataz all around me let a nigga breathe
What a nigga say at the slip of the lip?
Man fuck dat bitch need to quit, talk about a nigga like a hoe
What they wanna hate me fo?
When a nigga step through da doe' conversation get low
With these type of niggas I don't need no communication
Cuz' playahation das so irrelavent next motherfucker that hate
I'm thinkin' bout' writin' a letter to da president
Swimmin' in da land of da lost, nigga don't sleep too good
Nigga tired been all off from stress dat can will, would, should
Probably could make a nigga ass go insane
Stay smoked out all day mary jane, niggas be tryin' to make me
Strain, hataz wanna put a chain on my rang
Get a nigga mind off track and worry bout' you givin' my shit back
All ova hea need to stay ova dea, you got yo' own stay outta my hair
Niggas and bitches is both da same they lie, steal, cheat, fuck, suck,
Trick, and all dis then they in yo' face wit' dat I love shit

I'm ttiiirreedddd
Fake booty, boot busta ass niggas all around me
I'm ttiiirreedddd
Hoes, hoes, hoes is all I see
I'm ttiiirreedddd
Won't chall get da fuck on and leave me alone
I'm ttiiirreedddd
Niggas get gone uh, bitches get gone uh (x2)

Muthafuckas come around my face, mouf got a bad ass taste
Why the motherfuckers wanna hate?
Need to get out my way, let a motherfucker come through
Do wha tha fuck I gotta do, dis don't concern you
I'm tryin' to handle my busin
Alley...Return of the Ying Yang Twins album
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