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Sex Therapy 102 (Skit) - Ying Yang Twins lyrics

[Doctor Chris Olmen]
Ok ladies I see were making progress right now I like the way 1 went down.
Now I need you to sit back and let me know think about this 1.
What kind of sex, do you like?

[Girl #3]
Yeah that's a good 1 baby.
I can't lie I likes it rough.
But you got's to ease me into it.
See, I want you to touch me, tease me, blow on me, play with my ummm, you know.
Carees me fuck all the talkin honey.
Lick me, spank that ass, me on top of you, you on top of me it's all pleasure baby.
Make me cream, you know what I mean.
I'll return the favor fo sho.

[Girl #1]
I ain't no rough bitch.
So take your time with me.
Nice and slow, and explore all boundaries with me.
Cause please will leave.
I'm gonna take it wit cha.

[Girl #2]
I like it slow at first.
I don't like it rushed, deep and slow.
And while I'm on top, grab my hips, grab my hips and just squeeze and with 1 hand on my hip take the
other and pull my motherfuckin hair.
USA (United State of Atlanta) album
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