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Best Friend - I5 lyrics


First time I saw your face
You were just moving in
I wondered if there was a way to get under your skin
I went down to your place
No one opened the door
So now I figured you must live up on the second floor
Next thing I finally saw you
Downstairs washing your clothes
I watched myself to see you kind of got a funky nose
I wanna give up on you
But then I try again
Even though I don't know you you're my best friend


Baby, I know you really
Want me, you try so hard to
Get me, let's not forget that
You're my best friend
Baby, I also really
Want you, the more I know
About you, I see we can be
More than just friends


I watched you walk your dog
I puckered up my lips
I went to follow you
I stopped and stepped in it
Out by the swimming pool
I show off just for you
A double flip and upside down without my bathing suit
I always think about you
Before I go to sleep
I'm late for school again 'cuz I woke up at nine-oh-three
I wanna give up on you
But then I try again'
Even though I don't know you you're my best friend


What, what
Yo son what's it gonna be?
You and I, not together but we got the chemistry
I don't wanna be alone at night no more (uh huh)
Just be like together leave the sex outside the door
Yo kid, it's that time to motivate
Don't stop movin' if the beat feels great
We're about to crash this scene like a gate
International Five, still smokin' on your plate
(musical bridge)
Want me
Get me
You're my best friend
Want you
'Bout you
More than just friends

CHORUS to fade
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