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Don't You Know - Ol' Dirty Bastard lyrics

<font size="1">(feat. Killah Priest)<font>
[Girl 1:] Oh cutie got it goin' ON!
[Girl 2:] Cute? What? That dirty motherfucker?
[Girl 1:] You buggin'!
[Girl 2:] Ain't no buggin', he's some ugly motherfucker.
[Girl 1:] You buggin', no -- look at his disposition, shorty gotta stride!
[Girl 2:] What stride? Ugly motherfucker, he ain't shit.
[Girl 1:] See, that's my plate, brother may kill me like that.
[Girl 2:] You got mad sour flavor on shorty, cuz that ain't shit at all...
[Girl 1:] I'm -- yo G, I don't think he realizes it. Look at him!
[Girl 2:] Look at what? Dirty motherfucker, he ain't shit.
[Girl 1:] Hahaha, you don't see what I see, B.
[Girl 2:] I don't see nothing, you ain't blind, sisso.
[Girl 1:] True, true. Just look at him, just look at his disposition!

[Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard]

Approach the school nine thirty, you're late
This time happy the solution was my date.
Get in your class, walk to your chair
Pop is all you see and then occasionally stare
At the teacher, more, tune in to we're clocking ya.
Lean back at this girl kept clockin' ya hood
Simulated from a (sensimilia) blonde,
Tell the young girl "Baby, you're the one I want."
She doesn't respond, pretends to ignore
So you say to yourself, it be her old and sore mentally
Pitchin' lies, the aim on the board as hot and wild pussy
You cannot afford this
Oooh, what slim and trim was my inner friend
Dear, quietly I want him to know my boots,
To rap out loose in my class,
But I kept sayin' the size of my dick and that ass.
So I turned around to arrange a date.
Swinging epis
Free to Be Dirty: Live! album
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