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Dirt Dog - Ol' Dirty Bastard lyrics

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
C'mon, fuck that shit
[panting hard seven times]
Yo bitches out there, a-throw your hands in the air
To my niggaz out there (out there)
Throw your guns in the air (one two three)
Let me hear you go - Dirt, Doooooooog!
Dirt, Doooooooog!
Let me hear you go - Dirt, Doooooooog!
Dirt, Doooooooog!
(Ahhhhh) Let me hear you go..

Never been branded, no dough shorthanded
This is why the Dirt Dog landed
And I expanded - from the help of the RZA
Shit that NUH commanded
I'm a project hoe, LOVE project hoe
Nigguh get BUST, at the front door
(I do) I don't don't don't, I don't don't
I don't got no love for the pro, the prostitute pro
The Brooklyn Zoo know, I be like Old Joe
See me at the cocaine sto'
Coppin a.. eh ehh ehh.. and coppin mo'
See I'm a real nigga, give a bitch a car
Bitch want a Jeep, give a bitch a star
Bitch wanna sleep, number one..
.. umm, number one, I live in my momma house
Number one, I live in my momma house
This a Ol' Dirty Bastard production, let off SHOTS!
Be hot like I thought from a bitch's twat
I'm just a small boy, well known like Elroy
Well employed
Chest built up like steroids, electra master
Pumpin ten motherfuckers
You can't control the black man's God!!!
Bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh, bluh, better stop
Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-Dirtiest place to be
You white Flintstone, bitch
You stickin your dick in my gravel pit
Gonna drill the center of the Earth
You white women tryin to swine a bit
I'm the Granddaddy Man from the Senegal clan
Got the bite of a pit, keep your afro simmerin
Nigga Please album
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