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Rollin' Wit You - Ol' Dirty Bastard lyrics

You can't imitate me on this fuckin tape
You ain't ringing the bell I'm ready when you are

(You ain't ringing the bell
You ain't busting the grape
You ain't imitating me on this fuckin tape) [x10]

I'm tellin you bitch ass niggas
If y'all don't fuckin
If y'all coloured bitch ass faggot punk ass motherfuckers
Don't see that these white people are trying to take over your shit
Don't worry, your baby's happy the Ol' Dirty Bastard is here
Your baby happy I'm here
To beat the shit out of all you faggot punk ass motherfuckers
Bitch ass niggas!

I shut whole fuckin' world down
You white motherfuckers could never, ever take over
You can't ever take over! [x2]
You shut the fuck up and you shut the fuck up
That's what the fuck you do!
(Could I get a beer, yo I need some beer)

You ain't using your phone, you ain't callin the cops
Cause nigga I'm the only king of the block
I'm the only black god, motherfucker!
And I came to rock the spot
When I throw at football pass at a bitch she miss
Ain't trying to be funny gonna use my fist
You can't use the family feud
You can't run it on a cuckoooo!!!!
You bring shame, I'll keep Ol' Dirty safe
Not locked up, cause I'll have your fuckin ass locked up!
I'll stash you, lickin you down, light that blunt!
You ain't gettin one,two I do what I want!
If I got a problem, a problems got a problem til it's gone
I'm the only Unique Ason
You reap what you sew
Fuckin with the O
I got the precinct locked down
You ain't using the po-po
Fuck you Soso
I got the keys to your hoe
I'll stop your whole flow, all you bitc
Nigga Please album
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