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Devoured Death - Incantation lyrics

Rot in your burning crypts, breaking the gates of life.
Deep beneath earth's abyss.
Souls burnt to a dark crisp.
Bodies taken from the graves.
Buried under sacred dirt.
Still embalmed stiff flesh.
Skin burnt to the core...

Recite the words of the living hell.
Arise the ones from the eternal sleep.
Awaken evil ones that rest below.
Come forth and show your rotting soul...

Thriving for days of peace.
Rotting corpse another deceased.
Breaking through their sealed caskets.
Digging their way through the earth...

Summoned the witches gods.
Rigor mortis rotting creatures.
The arising of the dead...

Burning flesh the sensation.
They come forth to steal your life.
Bring forth the deceased...

Bodies taken from the graves.
Burned under sacred dirt.
Still embalmed stiff flesh.
Skin burnt to the core
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