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Deceiver (Self-Righteous Betrayer) - Incantation lyrics

I don't know your followers are so deceived,
Into believing that a god like you could exist
Dictated through the tales and mortal gods,
I see right through all of your pathetic lies

I envision this holy land
Smothered by your deceit

You give false promises to the ones who believe

Feeding off the fear of the helpless and weak
In search of hope, and a more fulfilled life
The blind sheep threatened if they don't follow your
Belief in your god is something I could never conceive

I envision this holy land
Soiled by your greed

Grieving and pleading to eternally rest in your
You turn your back on those that call you their savior
Realizing this long ago, for I am no fool
Your golden gates tarnished through your selfish reign

I envision this holy land
Corroding day by day

In death's hour
They will see
Their lives were wasted
Dreaming of a heaven
A false description that showed to be untrue

I envision this holy land
Smothered with your deceit
I envision this holy land
Soiled by your greed
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