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I'm Still Here - Frost lyrics

f/ Tierra

[Rudy Salas]
This is Rudy Salas
With a Tierra, Frost collaboration
Tonight babygirl

Even though I still roll with the homies
I'm totally yours, and you're my one and only
Always be there for you, never leave you lonely
Tierra please could you sing it for me (I'm still here)
How can I make you understand that I want to be your man
Late night walks in the park, or the beach in the sand
Holding hands, Tierra sing it again (I'm still here)
Life without you ain't fair to me, no one in the world ever cared for me
You're the only girl that was there for me, you're like the air I breathe
(I'm still here) when I ain't with you I miss you
Mi corazon, every night before you go to sleep
I'ma tell you that I love you and miss you mi amor (I'm still here)

Yeah, you know I love you girl
Frost'll never leave you baby

[Chorus: Tierra]
I'm still here
After telling you, so long

Frost and Tierra

When I first met you back when I was minor
I was still stacking and macking on hynas
On the fast track for a fat stack of dollars
Black Stacy Adams and a nice Impala
Seen you walking down the street, stopped and hollered
Hey sweet thing can I talk to your mama
Really wanna kick it with you, dig your estilo
And we ain't even gotta keep it on the d-low
Let the world know you're my girl tonight
And if I make you my wife it'll be for life
Started off right, long conversations
Late night phone call infatuations
Got a Love Jones, call the radio station
Told Art Laboe to play my dedication

Yeah, is this the Killer Oldies Show
Hey yo, this is Frost
I'd like to dedicate Forever My Lady by Jodeci
And hopefully like Tierra we'll always be together baby


Yeah, from the bottom of my heart babygirl

What means the world to me
My girl, my kids, my family
No matter where I go, far or near
Even when I die, my love is still here
Is it true true love never dies
Do you believe in love at first sight
The first time that I seen you girl
I knew that I wanted you to be my wife
And that's for life, es por vida
Mi amor, I love to mira
I ease your pain, take it easy
Bring you joy if you was my breezy
I ain't running game girl, please believe me
Never disappear like the great Whodini
I'm still here any time you need me
Sincerely yours Mr. Frostalini

Yeah, what's up green eyes
I got nothing but love for you girl
From the bottom of my heart
I'ma always be here for you

[Chorus x2]


I remember
I remember
How we used to play shoot em up, shoot em up
Bang bang, bang bang
I remember
I remember
How we used to hit em up and down, front and back, side to side

Yeah, what's up babydoll
Look at me
Look in my eyes girls
Frost'll always be here
Still Up in This $#*+! album
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