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The Bonnie and Clyde Theme - Yo-Yo lyrics

f/ Ice Cube

[Ice Cube]

It's a man's world, but check the girl

With the Mac 11, 187

Hit the switch, front, back, side to side

Corner to corner, punk you a goner

Don't fuck around and get doled up

Cause we got the Westside sewed up

Ike and Tina, Marie and Donnie

Ashford and Simpson, Clyde and Bonnie

I don't know karate, but I know crazy

You'd better ask somebody

And when I do dirt, jerk

Nobody move, nobody get hurt


I'm the type of girl that's down for my nigga

I'll lie for my nigga, peel a cap for my nigga

See he don't mind me flirting, wearing tight skirts and

Cause when it's all over it's curtains

What they don't know won't hurt

Uh, they searching on him, I got the gat in my skirt

Yeah, just clowning fools

And my dude's giving the girls blues

My gat is quite fat, don't you think so, ho?

But come out those clothes, my nigga can fit those

You ain't seen nothing til you seen us both jacking

Pulling on the side of fools, straight ratpacking

[Ice Cube] Got me a down girl on my team

[Yo-Yo]The Bonnie and Clyde theme, yeah

Got me a down-ass nigga on my team

[Ice Cube] The Bonnie and Clyde theme


See every now and then my man had a plan

To hook me up with his closest friends

Take me to the bar, maybe mingle and kick it

Let him think he's getting over while I gank him for his riches

Robbing, stealing, killing at willin

Always on the go cause his shit was always loco

Giving up funky vibes to all you funky tribes

Stick together like us and hoo-rides

Like Bonnie and Clyde we gonna slide right on

Let my nigga take over, I'm taking my bank to the house

When we get to the house we straight celebrating

Giving up that gangsta ?triggeration?

[Ice Cube]

La la la, watch me par-lay

Hey, with the getaway car

Now here comes the Predator

I'm down with Yo Yo and everybody is scared of her

Hitting with the wicked shit

I'd like to dick a chick

But now I'm robbing quick and split

So give me that money, devil

One for the treble, the rhythm is the rebel

When you turn red

You get a hole in your head, a fucking hole in your head

Cause my freedom got an AK

Bonnie and Clyde equal homicide, yeah

[Yo-Yo]Got me a down-ass nigga on my team

[Ice Cube] The Bonnie and Clyde theme, yeah

Got me a down girl on my team

[Yo-Yo]The Bonnie and Clyde theme

[Ice Cube]

Run run run from the ghetto bird

Cause I'm down and I got the third-

Five seven, pointed at your boys and hos

No one knows where the lead poison goes

Cause I'm in the ho checks

Yeah, come off the Rolex

If not, I'm a give Bonnie some

Film at 11 by Connie Chung

No regret, on man wet

Leaving the scene throwing up my set

Hit you up and then I'm out

Yeah, you're left with a dick in your mouth


See that gangsta mentality drove niggas to insanity

You wanna be down to kill a whole fucking family

You can lock us up if you want, don't matter

But give em a bail and we'll be right back at cha

Don't underestimate me when you date me

Got my clamp off safety, that'll make you hate me

Frankly, I don't give a damn, once again I slam

You'd better ask who I am

Riding all around town, everybody's looking round

Cause we're known and we throw down

Cause you know a nigga done got ganked for his mail or his dank

Yo Yo and Cube is in the house for 9-tre

[Ice Cube] Got me a down girl on my team

[Yo-Yo]The Bonnie and Clyde theme, yeah

Got me a down-ass nigga on my team

[Ice Cube] The Bonnie and Clyde theme

[Ice Cube] Got me a down girl on my team

The Bonnie and Clyde theme, yeah


Yeah you trick motherfuckers, you thought I fell off

Stupid ass... (laughs)
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