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Taking a Closer Look - i-Ten lyrics

Itís funny how the whole thing started
But you found your way into my heart
I always figured that you were innocent, girl
And it was plain to see that youíd been hurt

I canít be your savior
Iíll never erase the past
I canít over look what youíve done Ė Oh, look what youíve done
You say you want to change but you canít
Yeah Ė Yeah

Iíve been taking a cold look Ė a cold look
Oh, and I donít like what I see
Iím taking a cold look Ė a cold look
Oh, and your loveís been hurtiní me
Iíve been takiní a cold look
Yeah yeah Ė cold look

Sometimes I donít express my feelings
I canít expect you to guess
But this hasnít been fun for such a long time
And I just canít go on like this

Now donít try to hold me
Donít say weíll make it one last time
Iím gonna make a clean break, admit my mistake
ĎCause this is killing me inside
Yeah yeah


Donít try to ask me, baby, what went wrong
You donít want to hear it Ďcause youíre not that strong
Iíve been holding it back too long

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