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Intro - Young Rome lyrics

[Rome Talkin]
Young Rome
1st album
Im here now
Yo yea
Let me get at yall for a second

Yo I spit like no other
I let my flow smotha
Cities and burrows im thorough
Rich but im so gutta
Im so rookie you'd think I was satins advocate
Im bad bruh bad as JLo so call me Affleck
Sick of dis sickle cell anemia
Platinum status so I treat hoes like they the media
I keep em off me no replies or comments
And haters can go out the same way that saddam went
Cuz you cannot hide and you cannot run
And most of you niggas will die by the gun
Cuz rap is outta control
And everybody frontin like they heart is as cold as the North Pole
So this is why this LP was designed
To free your mind from you fakers
Be wrong if I cried
Talk about muttering locks in every soda crack rock
Young Rome says stop
Get yo mind right nigga

[Rome talking again]
Im here now, im here now
I don't think yall niggas heard me
I can't be stopped at this point
Im here now and aint no stopping me
And aint no dropping me
Yo niggas im here now
Move out my way
It's my day today
Im here now
TUG aint no stopping me
Young Rome
It's either all or nothing baby
I play dis game to win
Not to lose
To Young Rome's life
Let's get em
Tech fade me out
Its time to stop playin wit dese niggas
Food for Thought album
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