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Lost Love - Golden Smog lyrics

[F]lost love in the desert
lost love on the [C]sea
if you can put it behind [Gm]you
but it's still beyond [C]me
[F]'cause hearts break in the summer
and they meet me in the [C]spring
broken hearts all around [Gm]me
but I don't feel a [F]thing
[F]lost love on the highway
lost love on the [C]phone
lost love with a suit[Gm]case
heading back [C]home
[F]where hearts break in the summer
when they meet in the [C]spring
mines still wrapped inside [Gm]me
but I don't feel a [F]thing
[Dm]you're my lost love, I can't [F]see
that you're coming back for [Dm]me
you're the travel I can't [C]find
and it's only a matter of [Bb]time
should've taken it all so [Gm]hard
should've taken it all so [C]hard
my lost love ...
Weird Tales album
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