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Headspin - Ikon lyrics

Ooh baby, take your time
you know I feel inclined
to make love to yu
f you want me to
Ooh baby, what's your hurry
ooh, baby I want you
But my most important member
won't do what I want him to

Well he discovered alcohol
I don't know his name
but if I couldget hold of him
I would surely tell him that he was to blame
Oh my head's in an awful spn

Ooh baby, let me see anything
you've got for me to see
It just might turn me on
then all my problems would be gone
Ooh baby, I am sorry
Ooh girl it's not my night
Maybe we can fix another date
next time I'll do it right

Well he discovered alcohol...

Ooh baby take your time
you know I feel inclined
To make love to you, if you want me to
Ooh baby wht's your hurry,
Ooh baby I want you yes I do
but my most important memberwon't do
what I want him to

Well he discovered alcohol...

C'mon get up, get up, get up
A Moment in Time album
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