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The Shattered Mirror - Ikon lyrics

All I need all I say
Did you believe it would end up this way
I find relief will you betray
Reclaim my consciousness until the light
Of day

Inside myself
Arising from unrest
This bitter trail I face again

If you need me will you say
Can I trust your words and listen anyway
Mesmerised into this state
My deepest thoughts will lead me to a
Clearer place

Inside myself
Arising from unrest
This bitter trail I face again

Is there a meaning I should know
Despite my hear I cannot go
I hold my heart in pain I'll be
The shattered mirror set me free
In my reflection
I could see
The ghost that hides my memory
I wish that
I could always be
The shattered mirror sets me free

Forever now walk with me
(Forever now walk with me)
The shattered mirror sets me free
(The shattered mirror sets me free)
From: This Quiet Earth

by Chris McCarter
This Quiet Earth album
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