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On the Trail of Tears - Ikon lyrics

You will dry your tears now
You will cry no more
The sadness you are feeling
You won't feel any more
You are not to blame
For the trail of tears

The journey begins now
With the death of your friend
A new moon is with us
To shed light where darkness falls
His time had ended
He will return soon

Reasons for this madness
Beyond both you and I
The truth it comes so slowly
It ends all too soon
How could you have known
That he'd give it all away

So what have we done
To choose your fate
How do you feel
When your dreams come tumbling down
Do you feel responsible
Do you take the blame

In this final hour
He gave it all away
To look beyond the reasons
There is a sense of hope
I know what you're feeling
The pain he put you through

But the time has come
To forget the past
And lay to rest
All the bitter memories
There is a reason
It's beyond you and I
There is a reason
Beyond your trail of tears

From: Flowers For The Gathering

by Chris McCarter
Flowers for the Gathering album
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