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In the Mix - Zapp & Roger lyrics

Hey Roger (What)
Play that groove that makes me wanna move
It's in the mix (Uhh)
Hey DJs (Uhh)
All across the USA
I love the way
You mix those funky jams (Yes I do)
Every time I turn on my radio
I can't believe my ears (Believe it)
The sounds I hear I can't explain
It must be in the mix
Ohhh mix baby (Uhh,ahhh)
It's in the mix (Yeah)
Mix baby (Wow)
It's in the mix (Oooh wow, ow)
Don Cornelius, hey Soul Train
I love to see your body talk
I love the way (Wooo)
You dance to the fonky mix (Mix)
Keep dancin and prancin and dancin and prancin
Get down now
Every time I watch TV
I see ya dancin to the mix (Ohhh)
Mix baby (Uhh)
It's in the mix (About to funk to death)
Mix baby, baby
It's in the mix (Scratch, Scratch ohhh scratch)
Gimme a handkerchief (Oooh)
Everybody's diggin the sounds
Stereophonic electric sound
Ultrasonic Precurio sounds
All of the sounds are in the mix
Ohhh mix baby (Uhh, ahhh)
It's in the mix (Yeah)
Mix baby (Ohhh)
It's in the mix (Oooh wow, ow)
Every time I go to a disco
I notice all the strange sounds
The people they be dancin (Dancin)
To the sounds of the fonky mix
Keep on dancin (Uhh)
Keep on prancin yeah
They'll be dancin and prancin
And mixin and scratchin
Jammin and slammin all night long yeah
Mix baby
Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix...
We Can Make You Dance: The Zapp & Roger Anthology album
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