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I Could Never Dance - Denny Carleton lyrics

It started back in high school I went to my class prom;
All the guys were staring at me trying to edge me on.
They said this is once in a lifetime this may be your last chance,
So take that girl out on the floor and learn to dance.

We were at an amusement park, we were on a date.
And some joker who was supposed to be a friend of mine
Took her on every ride and I think she enjoyed it, too.
But I made up with her and took her to the dance the next week.
I crossed my legs I ran around and said,
"This is my last chance," but I could never dance.

So just recently I went to Prastava and tried to dance.
The people were holding hands and spinning around so fast
They almost melted - I almost broke my arms.
It was my last chance but I could never dance.
Whiskey Island album
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