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Environmental Girlfriend - Denny Carleton lyrics

We'll sit around and talk about
the ozone and how the world might end.
We'll separate and sort all our trash
Right into the recycle bin.
But the way you sort through all that waste,
I know we're more than friends.

It's not the way you look, or the way you cook,
It's the way you think that nature spins.
It's an all natural love sent from above,
My environmental girlfriend.

We will protect our habitat,
But not because it's a trend.
We'll balance our checks in the balance of life,
We'll watch what we spend,
We'll recycle our glass and our memories and
The cycle will never end.


We'll read our mail from our congressman,
From the letters that we send;
We'll take our stance with the plants
And trees but we will never bend.
We'll speak for those who cannot speak -
It's those we will defend.

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