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Mummer Band - Denny Carleton lyrics

I just saw a Mummer Band;
the music, it was grand -
They made me smile
As they did their show.

They went into their Mummer dance -
It made my father smile.
And all along I wanted to say,
"Even though Iím younger
I still love your mummer band."

I love rock n roll
And rhythm and blues,
But oh that mummer band.
Young and old were in the group,
All with a smiling face.

In unison they did their steps.
Youíll never know my feelings as
I watched that mummer band,
But all along I wanted to sing.

The feeling hasnít left me,
I miss them to this day.
The only costume was their clothes.
I wish that I could meet them,
Then I could learn to smile,
then Iíd be able to sayÖ
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