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I'm Not to Busy That's Just the Phone - Denny Carleton lyrics

You can call me any old time.
You donít need any reason or rhyme,
'Cause Iím not busy, Iím talkiní.

Drop me a post card send me a line-
You donít need any obvious sign
Cause Iím not willing.

Iím anxious, you can call me-
Iím sure to be home, Iím not busy,
Itís just the phone.

I took my problem to the United Nations.
I said, "Iím shallow," I donít care about your confrontations.
What I care about is: Iím lonely every night.

Iím not picky, Iím not particular.
My house is messy, it ainít immaculate.
Iím not avantť-garde, Iím simple.
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