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I Can't Hate You Anymore - Nick Lachey lyrics

An empty room can be so deafening,
The silence makes you want to scream,
It drives you crazy.
I chased away the shadows of your name,
And burned the picture in a frame
But it couldn't save me.
But how could we quit something we never even tried?
Well, you still can't tell me why.

We built it up to watch it fall
Like we meant nothing at all
I gave and gave the best of me
But couldn't give you what you need
You walked away, you stole my life
Just to find what you're looking for,
But no matter how I try,
I can't hate you anymore.
I can't hate you anymore.

You're not the person that you used to be,
The one i want who wanted me.
And that's a shame.
But theres only so many tears that you can cry,
Before it drains the life right from your eyes,
And i cant go on that way.
And so im letting go of everything we were,
Doesn't mean it doesnt hurt.


Sometimes you hold so tight,
it slips right through your hands,
will i ever understand?

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