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Harlan County - Jim Ford lyrics

In the back hills of Kentucky I was raised
In a shack on Big Bone Mountain
Born into poverty, bathed in misery
The times I went hungry you can't count 'em
Where the cold winds blow and the crops don't grow
A man's tired of livin' when he's twenty
I was diggin' hard coal at twelve years old
Way down in Harlan County

Mama tried hard, poor ol' Daddy got tired
Couldn't even get a job with a shotgun
One winter I was out cuttin' kindlin'
The news came to Mama that mornin'
They had a penny ante poker game down at the junction
Big Jack caught Daddy cheatin' and he shot him
Over fifteen cents
To buy a loaf of bread with

(Swing low sweet chariot)
We are gathered here today to ask the Lord
To take us out of Harlan County

Mama married Willie
He stood five-six
His brother was a shovel and a coal mine pick
With the heart of a lion and the soul of a man
He worked twelve hours a day
Seven days ever' week
Forty days ever' month
Diggin' for a bone in a hillside

Where a little child's dream is a new pair of shoes
To keep its little feet warm in the winter
But dreams they don't ever come true, I know
Way down in Harlan County

You know what I did folks?
I'm gonna tell ya
I put the shirt on my back
In a brown paper sack
A big piece of my Mama's cold cornbread
I hit the road Jack
Forgot to look back
I walked all the way down to somewhere

I've been all over this whole wide world
I've slept on a northwest mounty
The coldest place, Lord, I've ever seen
Is the hills back in Harlan County

(Swing low sweet chariot)
Everybody bow their heads in prayer and ask the Lord
To take us out of Harlan County

Lord want you please
Let your light shine
Let your light shine
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