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Separation - Ultraviolence lyrics

Have we still got time?
There was a time I thought
There was a time I think I thought I knew you
And you knew me
And I'd talk to you and you'd speak to me
And I'd speak to you and you'd talk to me
But there's no time
It's a past crossed out crossed out
Erased with a red line
We never speak at all

It's over
I want to live
It's over
I want to live

Something's gone
It's the light in your eyes
There's no light in your eyes now you don't love me
And I don't love you
But I'm not telling you
Cos you mime and you lie
And you lie when you mime
Now you don't talk to me
And I don't talk to you
We'll never speak again

It's over
I want to live
It's over
I want you live
You understand
You understand it must be broken
There's no chance 'til it's torn apart from the inside
There's a chance you can live when you're rid of me
But I'll be rid of you
Now I know
Now I know I need it too
Give it to me
We'll never speak again
Superpower album
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