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Starchild - Freedom Call lyrics

Once you came, along, down to earth
To let your wisdom shine
A flame, a light for all the world
Your mission was divine, so divine

Now you should come and try again
We're running out of time
A world, a land of misery
Where blind men lead the blind

Starchild, starbright
You give us a reason, to help us believe
Starchild, starbright
You are the reason, the reason to live

Starchild, Starchild, enlighten the darkness
Starchild, Starchild, sent down from heaven
Starchild, Starchild, it seems that the world never learned

Bring your heart and soul, come back to earth
The world has gone insane
2005 years ago
Your deeds seemed to be in vain

The Circle of Life album
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