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Sky Inferno - Goatwhore lyrics

Lord of scald Steo forth for the nature of ruin Captivating the heavens with a scorn of burns from this rotting sun Dissecting the heavens for oblivion This frost of endless punishment Tha path I walk is paved with the ashes of corpses Beneath my feet are souls of thousands Crushed by one stroke of the hand of death To watch the Earth die within forgotten shadows Smear my face with the ash of dying Infernal region, World beyond the grave Destroying the disease that infests the Earth Hail storm of blistering stones And I hear the serpent's whisper To leave the heavens in flames Upon black stallions We trample your crown of thorns With furious fires of vengeance Your throne has ling since crumbled And the flames of the new lords rise Within the shadows of Satan And the angels shall be my whores Shrouded beneath blackened veils Arise in flames Credence in filth Uplifting a sensation of unconcern to set ablaze the northern divine Atheist on the forefront of conception Parche d theory to preserve the death of felicity Warmth of arctic apathy fills the glutton fat Absorb this seething expiration Melting with the obvious defeat of the city of God Ignite divination as it dies from this Welkin attainment The enflamed doorway to an unconverted malefactor...eviscerate
Funeral Dirge for the Rotting Sun album
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