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Black Sheep of the Family - Quatermass lyrics

Iíve got nothing in my head, got a floor for the bed,
My futureís at the bottom of a tea cup
Iíve got half a pair of shoes, Iíve got no time to lose,
Iím wonderiní when Iím gonna wise up

Fortune shine your light on me and my nose,
ĎCause we need some security
You get a little bad luck and it grows, and it grows,
Iím the black sheep of the family

Iíve got hal a pound of rice and a beard full of lice
Condition called retrogression,
Iíve got a pocketful of dust, and eatiní is a must,
If you wanna make a good impression

Fortune shine your light on me and my dog,
ĎCause we need some security,
While the other folks are liviní high off the hog,
Iím the black sheep of the family

Donít talk to me about society,
Youíve got to pay the room or pay the penalty
Because thereís nothiní to choose
Between a handful of blues,
Double indemnity

All eht words are wrong, and my shadowís gettiní long,
I realise ths song donít mean much,
Iíve got an ache in my head, I wanna go to bed,
Tomorrow I donít have to wake up

Yeah, wisdom shine your light on me and my knees
ĎCause itís a true what they say about familiarity
Thereís nothiní good this way, and itís true what they say,
That Iím the black sheep of the family
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