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O Seti, Great One, My Father. I Hath Finished for Thee Thy Temple at Abydos. And Made Known the Lineage of the Blessed. Those Who Came Before. I Hath Exalted Mine Ancestors. I Hath Honoured with the Blood and Sweat of Many. The Legacy of Thy Conquests. I Hath Glorified. Thy Temple of Set in Avaris. In Karnak, Hath I Raised the Great Hall. In Thebes, Sublime Monuments, Grand Pylons, Obelisks and Colossal Statues. Are Inscribed With My Name. By Divine Right I Hath Usurped the Monuments of My Precedessors. I Hath Created Imposing Rock Hewn Temples. Monumental Colossi in Mine Own Image. Like as unto the Images of Amun, Re, Ptah. I Hath Caused to Rise a Formidable Legacy Carved in Stone. In the Mountain of Meha. Intented to Endure a Million Years. In The Violence of Sekhem. I am Become Montu. God of War in the Two Lands. I Hath Supressed the Rebellious. I Hath Driven Back Chaos and Disorder. The Conquered Chiefs of All Foreign Land are Beneath My Sandals. I Hath Emblazoned My Countless Victories in Immortality. Carved in Rock as Living Images of the Ritual Massacre of Mine Enemies. I am User-Maat-Re Setepene-re. Sovereign of Sovereigns. Beloved of Amun. Chosen of Re. I Hath Made Manifest the Grandeur of My Empire. To by Worthy of the Legacy. O Seti, Great One. User-Maat-Re. Thou Hast Done Nothing.
Annihilation of the Wicked album
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