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Sarcophagus - Nile lyrics

Who Dares Disturb
My Blissful Sleep
Again in Anger
Must I Rise
How Long Unknown
I Lay Emtombed

My World
So Long Forgotten
Did Disown Me
I was Scorned

The Suffering They did Inflict

Stained With Cosmic Black Sins
The Sun No Longer Sets Me Free

[The song, "Sacrophagus", could be thought of as a continuation of the Nephren-ka saga - perhaps a revisitation of the Lovecraftian mythos that this band has been exploring since our earlier work. In this latest chapter, whilst naively excavating in the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka, we have unwittingly awakened our protagonist from his long, restful interment. After wreaking his underworld vengeance upon us for disturbing him from his oblivion, he is tormented by memories of the unholy transgressions that had caused him his anguished eternal entombment... in all seriousness, though, I sometimes get the uneasy feeling that perhaps it would be best to leave Lovecraft's characters sleeping, undisturbed in an eternal dormant state - dead, as it were, but dreaming. Who knows what we might awaken?]
In Their Darkened Shrines album
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